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Ever seen the Starbucks mermaid, or the dark blue square with a lowercase F representing Facebook? These are logos. The super bowl commercials, company’s designs, sponsorships, and advertisements are a company’s branding.  Branding and logo go together hand in hand to create the image that the consumer sees that persuades them to buy your product. Logo and branding are an essential part of creating a successful business; these two items make up your company, which can be a little scary to think about. When designing your company’s logo and branding, you must be careful and precise. To alleviate some of the pressure and make the process easier, enlist the help of Anice Design in order to get professional aid and ensure that your company will succeed.


When the consumer sees the logo they are familiar with, it strikes all the memories that individual has with the company, and if positive, the person is more likely to buy it. While creating a new logo where consumers don’t have a memory with the logo, you must guarantee that it is meaningful and describes your company accurately. AniceDesign incorporates your company’s purpose into the Logo design as well as color scheme, fonts, sizing, and different branding techniques. The logo is made to identify the company and establish a relationship with the consumer on a knowledge base. Once the consumer becomes familiar with the logo they are able to begin connecting emotionally to it through positive experiences and memories which then inclines them to buy the product.


Branding is used to establish a positive emotion with the logo for the consumer. For example, a company creates a commercial based on a child, this would appeal to the consumer’s emotions and establish the emotion of caring for the brand. Branding is an important step to take into consideration when creating your logo as well. The logo itself doesn’t have an emotion attached, the branding is the glue that sticks together the company, to an emotion, to the logo that then reminds the consumer to purchase their product. Some things you should keep in mind as successful branding techniques, are to conduct thorough research on the various branding styles and approaches available that fit your company best. Also, make sure to do research on your competition and their branding techniques to guarantee your company is the first in the consumer’s mind. Throughout this tough process, AniceDesign will help you establish an effective brand and logo. With a great briefing of your company and its message, the staff at Anice design will construct your logo and branding image. Taking into account the audience’s needs and appeals, AniceDesign will be able to recognize unique qualities about your brand and incorporate them into the brand image and logo design. In the end, a successful business has a widely recognizable logo, created through a unique branding design.

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