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Blogging will help you ATTRACT new business

Wait a minute! Running your business is hard enough, now this blog is telling you it’s time to start BLOGGING? Well, if you would like to BOOST your marketing efforts, DRIVE TRAFFIC to your website and ATTRACT new business – the answer is YES!

No need to panic! It’s easier and more beneficial than you think! Let’s discuss the BENEFITS:

  1. Create opportunities for sharing and we all love sharing interesting content via social media! Blog posts are much easier to share than a sales page on your website – especially if you include a social sharing widget in each of your posts. Think about how often you or your friends share articles or “blogs” on Facebook, Twitter and via text message! I’m guessing it’s a lot!
  2. Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Search engines LOVE fresh content! Consistent blogging gives Google, and many others, new content to offer those browsing the web. Which, in turn, provides you with opportunities to plug in the keywords needed to BOOST your visibility on search engine results pages (SERPS). More exposure will translate into more sales!
  3. Build relationships with your target market. Blogging gives your audience a sense of your company’s standards, your vision and the unique personality of your business – YOUR BRAND! They humanize your business. You are able to talk about your business whenever you choose and however you choose. Including a comment section allows for direct communication with site visitors which will provide priceless insight into what your customers want, develop rapport and win their trust!
  4. Establish your brand as an industry leader. Blogging is an extremely effective way for the small business owner to compete with large companies and generate publicity. Consistently providing expert content within your blogs will eventually establish your business as the GO TO resource for information related to your industry, which again, will build trust and perhaps requests for interviews!

Blogging, consistently, is the most budget-friendly way to establish credibility, build trust and connect with your audience but how do you add blogging to your weekly checklist? It’s actually easier than you think! Many business owners lean on blogging experts, like Anice Design, to assist with the process!

If you would like more information on how to start your own blog please do not hesitate to contact us at (407)971-0207 or at would love to help you build a competitive advantage for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising!

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