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Oviedoservices.com is your only local internet directory, managed by longtime Oviedo residents for all our community. We are committed to provide support to all our residents looking for any type of service establishing a connection with our local business community. We are constantly seeing how our residents are looking for products and services. Also, we have seen how the population has grown and new businesses have become part of our city.

Our mission is to become a focal point and connector among the residents and the business community.
As you have noticed, thousands of residents are moving in from different parts of the world, and new businesses are opening all over Oviedo. This is creating a market that needs support  and a good established relationship with each other. This is the reason why we are here!  We can all help each other, we are all proud Ovidians!

We cordially invite all local business to become part of our directory, check if your business is included and if not please connect with at Oviedoservices.com, we will gladly add you.

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To inspire Oviedo residents to come together supporting
our local business by becoming their advocates.


We will provide a forum for customers and local business with integrity,
respect and the most honest and accurate information available,
and become the most trustworthy source of information in Oviedo.


Oviedo is a booming town with family friendly activities year round, but it has come a long way from when it was just settled land. This town has a rich history dating back all the way to the civil war in 1865 when settlers set up a new home along Lake Jessup this was after the Timucua clan settled the land but left behind little to no evidence.

The Lake Jessup community lived off the land farming citrus and using wagons and boats as means for transportation. Later on the famous Andrew Aulin a Swedish immigrant who had a large impact on the postal service of the town was tasked with naming it which of course was named Oviedo. Around 1879 the town once called Lake Jessup community adopted the name we all know and love Oviedo as well, which originates from the town in Spain named Oviedo. Aulin saw this name fit since Florida and Spain resembled the same desire of Spanish culture. The city had a population of a mere 800 in the year 1925. Since the population pole of 2016, that number is now at 39,337 and counting. Oviedo is now considered a part of central Florida with big tourist cities such as Kissimmee and Orlando and is rated as one of the top 10 cities to raise a family as noted by CNN, Family Circle August issue, and Businessweek. Though it has come a long way from its roots the city still has many of its original historic buildings and the infamous agriculture settlers used to depend on such as celery and citrus which is still heavily grown.


Diego J. Osorio, Coralia D. Osorio, M. Laborde, C. Lacourt, A. Guillermo