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“The City of Oviedo, Florida, was incorporated in 1925 with a population of 800. Early settlers primarily produced crops of celery and citrus, and the City’s historic function as an agricultural center characterized its initial development patterns. The City of Oviedo’s recent history has been characterized by rapid population growth. In 1980, the City’s population […]

Blogging will help you ATTRACT new business Wait a minute! Running your business is hard enough, now this blog is telling you it’s time to start BLOGGING? Well, if you would like to BOOST your marketing efforts, DRIVE TRAFFIC to your website and ATTRACT new business – the answer is YES! No need to panic! It’s […]

START OFF YOUR COMPANY WITH LOGO DESIGN AND BRANDING Ever seen the Starbucks mermaid, or the dark blue square with a lowercase F representing Facebook? These are logos. The super bowl commercials, company’s designs, sponsorships, and advertisements are a company’s branding.  Branding and logo go together hand in hand to create the image that the consumer sees that persuades them […]